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  • I have worked on two wordpress sites (different languages) on two different domains. Now I want to “merge” these two sites into one domain using subdirectories for each language, e.g. for English and for Swedish. Read a few posts on moving down a wordpress installation to a subdirectory, but all seem to require for the .htaccess and index.php of that site to exist in the root. This doesn’t work if I have two sites on the same server.

    What files do I need to configure so that I can have two sites on the same server?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • HuddersfieldH


    Are you needing anything in the domain root or are you happy with each in a subdirectory?

    Personally I would recommend you put one of them in the root and the other in the subdirectory /sv (treat the subdirectory as a seperate wordpress).

    Then point the subdomain to the root and to the folder /sv

    Delete both .htaccess files (but back up first just in case).

    Go into PHPmyadmin (for both databases) and change the following tables:


    change the previous address to the new one (each site will have different sub domain)

    Go to each site /wp-admin (note the sites might work, but links in menus and posts will still go to old site)

    Go to Settings and then permalinks. Choose any setting and save. Go back to permalinks and then change back and save. The links should now be working. 🙂

    Believe me, it gets worse if you did this in multisite (took me whole of this morning to properly import a site, but single sites don’t take much longer than 15 mins if they are on subdomain).

    Reply if you need anything re-explaining.

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