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  • Easy CSV Importer now has a cool feature that allows us to merge/combine multiple records into a single post to create a list. I’m to expand the feature to allow us to create…

    1. Product comparison tables
    2. Product galleries
    3. Directories (thumbnails or links)

    For now the plugin will simply create an un-ordered list of items. Easily changed to an ordered list.

    We can design the list item i.e. create the html styling and select the data you want to be displayed or used to build each item in the list. This makes it a lot of fun to use.

    What You Need To Do

    1. On Start, select Merge, Comparison and List project panel and create a new project.
    2. For this project type, you must import all your data so when you get to the Project Configuration screen. Import all data on the first panel.
    3. Then go to the Conditions panel on the Project Configuration screen and activate the Item List condition. Use this condition form to tell the plugin what column to use as a distinct value column. This is the column used to group records by an associated value.
    4. Then go to the Finish screen, click create posts and you’ll have posts. Show me another plugin that allows you to do this, so easily and I will better it.
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