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  • I’ve had two separate sites for the last year, and I need to merge the content of

    I’d like to import the content, I don’t care about the comments rolling over (only one or two comments, if any), but I want it to import into the timeline of my main blog. If I just export the fashion blog into the main blog, will it work? or will there be a huge mess in the timeline?

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  • If your question isn’t about the Multisite system, you’ll get a better response in the right forum.
    Export the fashion blog to a WordPress export file, import to the main one and check the tick-box to make sure all uploaded files (file attachments) are brought in. All the content should come over, and be merged so that everything appears in the correct chronological position.
    Make sure you’ve good backups, though, just in case anything goes wrong along the way.

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