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  • I’ve got several blogs running WordPress, and I’d also like to show all posts in one blog for people who prefer to read it like that. Is there a (relattively) easy way of doing it?

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  • I posed your question to the WP hackers’ mailing list.

    Here are some suggestions that came back from the mailing list:
    Perhaps you could use the RSS feeds from the different blogs. Read the feeds you need, for example using MagpieRSS, sort the entries and output them in the format you want.
    This way you don’t need to know the structure of the database.
    You would miss the number of comments on an item, because that information is not not present in the feed.
    Just a suggestion,
    rob schluter
    This requires a query that
    1) knows all of the WordPress installations tables and then calls for data from all of those tables something like (this is from my head, and not from the WordPress code)
    SELECT (* or data set) FROM wp_posts, wp2_posts, wp3_posts, wp4_posts WHERE (code to filter the results as needed)
    This would be a custom hack job if there ever was one because you could have a lot of complication depending on what you were after.
    A ‘Simplified’ Multiple WordPress installations may have an extra field for all tables that specify a blog number and run everything out of one table-set. So that if the blog ID is not specified then all blog data is shown, but if a blog_id is set, then it just returns results for that one blog. That of course would require a totally different set of code and would require WordPress to be heavily re-coded to handle such things. Options for blogging would be multiplied as well which means that things would be much more complicated.
    Randy Peterman

    Thanks, I’ll give those a try

    Here’s another suggestion, from the man behind
    I’ve worked with a number of people doing just this. The easiest way,
    especially if the blogs aren’t on the same server/host, is something like my
    CG-Feedread script. You grab content via an RSS2 or Atom feed.
    Feedread also has an option to do ‘wordpress-style’ formatting, so that feed
    output is structured similar to WP posts, and thus CSS styling ‘just works’.
    If you searched the forum, you’d certainly find people who have done this in
    the last month or two (well, with at least trying to bring in a second site
    into the first), all using a variety of methods.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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