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  • I think it’s been maybe a year or two since I’ve used wordpress and this stiiiiill isn’t an option, and it’s very disapointing and frustrating! There’s nothing better than wordpress and I can’t merge my ancient archives with my current blog. I wish I would have known I couldn’t merge two wordpress systems together when I was switching or a I could’ve merged them beforehand!

    Right now the only way to merge two wordpress blogs is a long and annoying way via direct database edits, and I have years worth of posts & comments. Totally not an option! So is there still yet not a kind hearted generous person to make an import system for us poor fools with no skills and a wee multi-blog problem? With all those beautiful plugins I just enjoyed downloading, surely someone can make an import? ;D

    And if not… Are there any systems I can convert over to merge the blogs and then convert back to wordpress again?

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    Can you use the generic RSS import script to import a feed from your old blog into your new blog?

    Will that import posts + comments? I was kinda of doubtful about trying that… but if can grab both, I can give it go.

    As an update… Doing the RSS feed for the posts works great for merging but it doesn’t include the comments too. Is there a way I can edit the way my RSS displays to include comments with the posts?

    There was a template, which I can no longer find (!), that let one output a WordPress blog to the MovableType import (text) format. I can’t recall, but it may have handled comments as well. One might use something like that to export from one WP blog and import/merge into another.

    Recreating this would be fairly easy, though it would take an hour or two to write up. Unless someone beats me to it (or can dig up a link), I’ll reply when I have something online later tonight, Friday.

    How do I get this thing going? I’m not proficiant in this html stuff.

    Note on thread topic: I came across something a few steps above a template:

    Here’s the script to export FROM WORDPRESS and to MovableType. Back when I was more restless than I am now, I toyed with Pivotlog. There was no import from WordPress, but there WAS an import from MT. That’s why I used this script, and yes, it does export comments as well. But check some of those date and time stamps carefully. There were a few that were mismatched with the wrong entries, but it was easy to move them around, because nothing was lost!

    Good luck!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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