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  1. kaj.johanson
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am responsible for more than 200 standalone wordpress installations, on the same server and under the same domain, e.g "http://city.domain.se"

    The different sites use plugins of their own choice, and themes of their own choice. As you can understand this is not an optimal solution, espcially not when they call me for support...

    Now i would like to merge all of the sites into 1 MultiUser installation, with subdomains.

    Is this possible? Are there any tools to make the migration process easier? Can you point me to some kind of manual or written instructions?

    I would really appreciate some help on this one.
    Thanks in advance.

    / Kaj

  2. Possible, yes.
    tools to make it easier? Not really.

    This is the long way:

    Yes, it is still relevant.

  3. RalphGL
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I planned a similar use of WP 3.01 Multisite-Feature, but after a few experiences i got big troubles with users roles and accounts as described here:
    Is anybody out there who really realised something like that?

  4. Most of us just cringe a lot when we're faced with the idea of multiple blogs with multiple user bases into one multisite, I'm afraid. It's ... not fun.

    (I'm not sure I follow your use of 'realized' here. Do you mean to ask if there's anyone else out there who's also tried to do that? If so, yes, I did it with 200 users, and I did not document it, since once I was done, I realized I'd never do it again, and I'd rather start over and tell the users 'I had to reset your passwords.' Lie through my TEETH.)

  5. Yeah I had the same experience. Moving over the existing users is... well... Yeah. Not fun is the nicest way to describe it.

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