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  • I am new to WordPress and am just experimenting at this point but this is what I can’t figure out. I have a merchant account with wireless cc machines and the ability to key in cc’s. But, so far I have not found a plugin that will allow my customers to make purchases using their cc’s which I manually key into my machine? Of coarse this is over a ssl network and I like the idea of WordPress but if this isn’t possible then I may not be able to use WordPress and have to keep using my current cart system that I’ve been using for close to 10 years now. Am I missing something here? I’ve tried wp e-commerce, cart66 lite so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Ken

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  • Letting people key in credit card numbers on your site and then storing those credit card numbers on your server is going to extremely expensive for you in order to meet all the PCI Compliance requirements. This is why the WordPress plugins like the Cart66 ecommerce plugin do not offer this feature. Cart66 does have a “manual” checkout feature where your buyer can enter in the billing address, shipping address, and contact info. Then you would need to follow up with them either over the phone or mail them an invoice or something to collect the payment. You can checkout the Cart66 Lite documentation and download the Cart66 Lite plugin for free to see if you think it will meet your needs.

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