Support » Plugin: Media Cleaner - Clean & Optimize Space » Meow has done it again – GREAT cleaner plugin!

  • The free versions of plugins are normally just OK, but Media Cleaner’s free version is exceptional and offers a lot. If you have spent any significant amount of time using WordPress, you know how painful working with images can be. Not only are there many resized thumbnails to wrangle (as many as your theme is set to generate), different formats like webPs, and all of their embedded links, but also the entire backend uploads as well! Media cleaner helped me sort out and clean through the images I was not using and quickly clean up the media library. Thanks, Jordy! That saved me a few hours of manual work.

    Next, I am looking forward to upgrading to the Pro version and doing the server-side image file analysis (Pro version feature only). During my cleaning process and analysis, I found a plugin had previously deleted several thousand images from the media library, but they were still taking up 5+GB of storage space in the uploads folder on my server. Media Cleaner Pro can help me sort through these files next and free up valuable space.

    Oh… and the Meow Database Cleaner also looks amazing too! More to test out in the future.

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