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  1. LatinArabia
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    Menus will not register

    ONLY 1 of 2 menus works.

    Right now I have the problematic menu commented out, so it does not crash the site.

    This is my site: http://latinarabia.com

    In functions.php, I have this

    register_nav_menus(array('mainmenu'=>'Main Menu',
    'headermenu'=>'Header Menu'

    I registered a header menu, and a main menu

    Yet when I add this code

    <?php wp_nav_menu( array('menu' => 'Header Menu', 'container_id'=> 'headermenu' )); ?>

    The menu which displays is the main menu, not the header menu.

    I am using a totally reworked and modified classic theme.

    I start with a classic theme and add my own punch up and coding. As you see, I am not a novice. http://latinarabia.com

    So why is my header menu not working.

    - The main menu works fine
    - The header menu shows in the Appearance dashboard.
    - It just does not display on the site, once emulated.

    BTW: I have tried different variants of the register nav menus
    including burying it in a function, and then using an add_action ...

    Did not work?!

    ONLY 1 of 2 menus works.

    Help! What am I doing wrong. I have done this in the past on other themes, but something is not working now.

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