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Menus page is broken

  • I was in the middle of creating a custom menu and I’m not sure what I did but suddenly the page went blank. I then clicked on menu again and I get the 2 menu panels on the left but they’re dimmed out. I’m not sure what I can do now. I’ll deal with losing the menu that I created as long as I can get functionality again.

    I’m not sure what images or code to provide. This is very bizarre for me. Did my DB get corrupted as far as the menus are concerned and if that is so, how can I resurrect it/them?

    Please let me know what information I need to give you to help solve this problem.

    Thanks! Chris

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  • OK, so is there a way to copy just pages from one database to another?

    Thanks! Chris



    This continues to happen to me as well. It is fixed temporarily after a WP 3.01 reinstall, but the issue keeps coming back. I am on 1and1.

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