• I’m posting this here since MMM says it’s an issue with the theme, not with their menus.

    Hi. I’m not sure if these are MMM issues, or if they are related to the theme, but since it is foremost a display issue with the menus, I’m starting here. I am using the Theme Evolve Version: 4.0.2, I am using MMM just updated to Version (12/13/18) and am using WordPress 4.9.9, I have NOT updated to 5.0.1 – yet, I would like to make sure everything is compatible before I update. I am also running the following Plugins:
    Contact Form 7 – Version 5.0.5 (have not updated yet to 5.1)
    Easy WP SMTP – Version 1.3.7
    SiteOrigin CSS – Version 1.2.3

    First, I am having problems with the drop-down menu on the left hand side. Please see the link and look at the left hand blue Menu box. The box is displaying both the “Home” page (in this case I have only added two main level pages: Anencephaly and Conjoined Twins.) Under each page, the submenu displays without hovering over it, please see the top menu under “Articles” and “Stories”, the drop-down menus ONLY display when you hover over one of the menu items. The top menu displays correctly (on a laptop, but NOT on a mobile device, which is the second issue.) Can you please let me know how to fix the drop-down menus on the left hand side so they ONLY display the submenus when you hover over them?

    Second, as mentioned above, the menus are NOT displaying correctly at all on my ipad or iphone. The top menu bar drop-down submenus COMPLETELY cover the page (there are a LOT of submenus) and the page cannot be seen or read because the menus cover the entire page! Can you please help?

    If this is an issue with the theme, please let me know so I can post to the Evolve theme support forum. IF you can PLEASE take a look and see if you can offer any assistance to fix these issues, I would greatly appreciate it.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • the side menu, has it ever been shown submenus on hover? This theme as not been designed to show menus/pages as widgets on hover. For the mobile menu issue, can you please provide a screenshot?

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    Thank you Romik.

    I’m not sure what you mean about the show menus/pages as widgets on hover.

    I did however, discover that I AM definitely using the MMM…here is a screen shot of the menu settings on my website:

    MMM Settings

    can you please test this issue with other theme, for example wp default theme? it’s not clear to me

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    Here is a snap shot of my iPad with the drop down menu issues…

    Snapshot of iPad

    I tried to change the theme to the 2019, but it totally screws up the entire look of the website to just change the theme, so there is no way to test it against the theme theory. However, from the screenshot I posted of my menu settings, you can see that I DO have the MMM menus active and and I believe the menu is the issue, not the evolve theme.


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    Hi Romik ns everyone, Happy New Year.

    Okay, I was able to get the MMM drop down menus to work correctly for my main horizontal menu, however, they don’t work for the left hand side accordion drop down menus. I need a menu that will collapse to ONLY the main category, but open to a flyout dropdown menu when you hover over the categories (please see the left-hand menus on the current website: http://www.aheartbreakingchoice.com/

    I’ve had some correspondence with the MMMM forum moderator, and he said that the MMM won’t work in that manner. (sigh.) Do you have a suggestion for a menu plug in that WILL work in that manner? Your help would be greatly appreciated Thank you!

    Hello @coleenh, Happy New Year to you too. Sorry, but I don’t test other parties plugins if they are compatible or not 🙁 . You will need to hire a developer for this. Thanks for understanding.

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    Thanks Romik. I the only reason I asked is because you are the one who suggested I try the MMM plugin, so I thought you might know of another menu plugin that might work. Thanks anyway.

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