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  • Please bare with me… I’m a novice.

    My site fell prey to hackers recently and I had to resort to rolling things back to an archive of my site. I then updated wordpress to the newest version and this created errors so I rolled things back again to the archive.

    The archive worked a 2nd time and so far things seem stable except for my menus. The menu on the site is appearing correctly. There are no visible problems on the front end. However, on the backend any changes I make to the menus (adding or removing custom menus, assigning new custom menus, etc) doesn’t appear on the site. I still have the main “old” menu on the front end of things.

    Additionally, when I attempt assign a new menu using the “Theme Locations” tool, clicking “save” seems to have no effect at all. No updates take place. I am able to add, build and remove custom menus but they don’t appear on the front page when assigned. I have removed the original custom menu and it has disappeared from the back end but still appears on the public side of things.

    I think it is important to note that after rolling back to an archive twice, the menus looked completely broken. My nav-menus.php file and some other files did appear “broken” (they were listed as 0k and appeared as jibberish when opened to edit).

    Any suggestions on how I might regain control?
    Sincere thanks for your time!

    There’s not much to see but my site is here:

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  • esmi


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    Have you tried:

    – deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    – switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems.

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or PhpMyAdmin. Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.

    – re-uploading all files & folders – except the wp-content folder – from a fresh download of WordPress. Make sure that you delete the old copies of files & folder before uploading the new ones.

    – finally re-running the upgrade manually using wp-admin/upgrade.php

    Have done some but not all of those.
    Will dive in again this weekend.
    Thanks esmi!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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