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  • Hello,
    I am having an issue with the Weaver 2.0 theme and am very frustrated.

    Please Please help!

    The issue is this:
    I am just not able to figure out how to get sub-menus under main menu items.

    When I create a page it is added right next to the Home page like this:
    Home Page1 Page 2 etc.

    ButI want Page2 to be a sub-menu of Page 1
    like this:
    – Page2
    – Page3

    I tried to do this in menus but it doesnt make sense. The pages are already added to the menu.

    Please someone help me!

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  • Hi Arun2005,
    Twenty Ten weaver is a variant of the twenty ten theme, so you can add to the menu whatever you want.

    You just use the custom menus for pages, posts, external urls.

    1. Admin > Appearance > Menus
    2. Create New menu
    3. Add Pages, Categories, URL or Posts (screen options)
    4. After adding the menu items, drag them into position up or down the list
    5. To indent item for the dropdown drag them to the right to indent
    6. ‘SAVE’ the new menu
    7. You will now see a new area “Theme Locations” and you will now have a dropdown.
    8. Select your new menu for the Primary Location and ‘SAVE’

    Now you are in full control of your menus, mark the topic closed if this resolves your question.



    Hi David,
    That worked!
    Thank you very much for your response. Apologies for the delayed response.

    I have a couple more questionsm, perhaps you have the answers:

    1) The weaver theme allows me to add pages and use the templage ‘Pages with posts’. But I cant figure out how to associate a page with a post. How do I add a post and associate it with a page?

    2) Is there a way of preventing all posts appearing on the home page?
    I want my home page and associated content to remain static.
    When I add a new post it shoves it on top of the old one. I dont want that. I want the new post to only show up in the page it is associated with or in the category it is associated with.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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