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  • I am working on a site

    You will see that I have a menu1 item ‘portfolio’ with sub-item ‘work outside’ Under work outside I have 2 sub-sub-items ‘Cloud Chambers’ and ‘Commissions’

    The problem I have is that all of the thumbnails from ‘Cloud Chambers’ and ‘Commissions’ appear on the ‘work outside’ menu page, whereas really just want 2 thumbnails, one for ‘Cloud Chambers’ and one for ‘Commissions’ each linking to the next section down.

    I could make a blank page, name it to the parent category and add thumbnails linking the subcategories to that page. I am reluctant to do this however as I am making the site for an artist friend who wants to maintain it himself. If I hack it like that, every time he adds another category of work at sub-sub-level he’ll have to come back to me to manually update the sub-level category page – which somewhat defeats the otherwise smooth way the theme works.

    Any suggestions?

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