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    I’ve used my phone for a new newspage I made last year, without toooo many problems.

    I always had the problem, that wp would change the letters (it does that here too actually – so I have to check what I write several times to be sure that there are not 100 typos (and no it’s not me – it happenes when I write – then there are for instance more letters than I write, words I haven’t written, words and letters get scrambled etc.), but I lived with it, even though it is annoying.

    Then ssome (see, I didn’t write the xtra s) update came from the backend editors and editing became more troublesome – the menu scrolled up and didn’t stick to the top, but at least when you scrolled up a little the menu became visible again.

    Then another update came, around 2 weeks ago, and now editing from the mobile has become really shitty!

    The menu only sticks to the top, so if u have a really long page, and I want to edit the txt or insert a link, then you have to scroll all the way to the top, meanwhile loosing the marked txt that you want to edit in the bottom.

    Also adding links has changed – before there was a tick box where you could tick that it should open in a new page – now that has vanished completely when editing on the mobile and if u use a pc u have to click several times and go to advanced edjt (again not my typo) to find the tick box 🙁

    Also I can’t mark all the txt here – I have to mark it seperately by every section/paragraph.

    And aalso when having written a page and pressed publish – sometimes some txt is missing – for instance the last part of a sentence and so on – super annoying!!!

    Wjat hhas these backend developers done since it’s now super annoying – and can they PLEASE REVERSE THE UPDATES /EDITS????


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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