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    Please help me, I wanted to reorganize my menu.

    When I saved all the items where at level 1.

    Tried to rearrange them in multiple levels, now I can’t put items in level 3, and when I save there are back at level 1.

    Now I don’t have a correct menu.

    Please help!!

    Thanks in advance.


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  • My site is at http://www.ridderkoi.nl

    Are you still having issues with this? I looked at your site and the only current issue I see is with the 3rd level menu items overlapping onto the 2nd level menu items.

    This is a limitation due to the theme you are using and requires the modification of CSS for it to display correctly. If you purchased this theme I would contact the theme author and see if they can help you.

    By default my site uses pages to fill the menu. I have set this for now. 

    But I still can’t create a custom menu. I had one but when I saved it it was all messed up. 

    Tried to create a new one, but I still am not able to create sub items.

    It is a typical backend problem.

    So you can create a custom menu without issues but you can’t drag the page/post you want as a sub menu over to the right?

    Or is it an issue with the front end of the site that your visitors see?

    Yes I can create a submenu. I can drag them one level lower, but when I save they are back to the first level.

    As mentioned before a had this working even had a sub submenu. I can’t drag the items to sub sub anymore.

    If you disable ALL plugins and switch back to the default Twentyelven or Twentyten theme do you still have this issue? I’m asking because it could be an issue with a plugin that you have installed causing a conflict or the theme issue potentially causing issues.

    I will try that ASAP.


    I deactivated all plugins, this wasn’t enough. I also had to rename the plugin folder, login and logout rename it as original.

    Now I could make a normal menu. Even after activating my plugins.

    Thanks for helping me.


    Awesome, glad to hear 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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