• barnesy74


    Hi all!!
    VERY new to this! I have recently purchased a prophoto pack to get my site started. I have been trying to sort it out for ages it feels. I have a line at the top of the page that has names of menus. Then in the menus that have a drop down (other category in the list) i.e. families or about me, the information title of the menu is there that I put into the prophoto template but when I look at the site it has arrows next to it referring to other categories. I think I’ve stuffed something!!! I have deleted all the trial posts I did and as many categories as I can but now I get the arrows next to the main heading referring to no categories??? Is this something I will just see or with the world see it when it goes live? I am going to take my page off construction in the hope that someone may look and be able to help me.
    thank you from someone who needs your help!!!


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  • govpatel


    I am getting 404 on the link



    So sorry! I can’t seem to get the under construction mode off 🙁 Not having much fun with it. Thanks for trying though!!



    When I go here http://www.momentsofforeverphotography.com/ I see

    This site is temporarily unavailable while customizations are being made. Please check back soon. Thanks for your patience!

    if this you trying take out you have place holder of some kind like index.html you can delete the file.



    I don’t even get that. I get the companys page I originally bought the domain name from.

    There was a tick box or something when I did it but now I can’t find that anywhere. I have no idea what you mean by the index.html file?

    Thanks again!



    Yo, you get free tech support with ProPhoto – be sure to ask your questions through the ProPhoto site instead of here on the WordPress.com forums:


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