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  • Don’t know how you have it set up for the top level buttons but if you have it them selected as “Headers” (non-clickable items) then you can give it href=”#” attributes so that it will work on touch screens.

    I had the same problem as above and the href=”#” solution for the top level menu item (header)solved that problem. However I have a menubar item that drops 6 sub menu items and one of those opens another sub-menu. When I click on the item (one of the 6) that opens the third level sub-menu nothing happens on the iPad (works fine on the PC). I thought that the href may work on this but there doesn’t seem to be a place to insert it in the menubar settings. Any suggestions? thanks

    Can you share a link to the site that this is currently on?
    Get better understanding on what may be happening if we can look at ourselves. Thanks.

    The site is under development for someone so I can’t provide a link at the moment.

    But basically I have a menu that looks like this:

    top level About Blog …. Locations
    next level location 1
    location 2
    location 3
    next level location 3 a
    location 3 b

    when I added the href in attributes for the Locations (top level) as per your suggestion above it took care of the problem on the ipad.

    however the location 3 sub menu item which is set to not clickable does not work on the ipad. When I touch it it does not display the location 3a and 3b items.

    I noticed that if I make location 3 clickable then it does work however if you tap location 3 it opens up the dummy page that was set up so we could include the 3a and 3b items.

    sorry that I can’t provide the link at this moment.

    anyone have any suggested solutions for the problem I posted above

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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