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  • Hey. I’m a little confused. Everything was working fine on my site until today when I came to add a couple of menu items to my custom menu. I added them and it saved the menu, but then when I went to the site, the wrong menu was showing (it just seems to be showing pages) and my nice background colour has disappeared.

    Going back into the menu settings, I saved it again, but nothing happened.

    Doing the same in the Background, i.e. adding my colour back in and saving isn’t working either.

    Here’s my link:

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  • Did you change the colours in style.css as thats where you need to make changes.

    Not in Twenty Ten, you can also change it in the back end of WordPress, which is how it was set up previously.

    It’s just not showing now, and it won’t set my custom menu.

    did you check if custom menu is selected in dropdown as primary menu.

    I did, and then when I click save it loads, but still doesn’t work. It’s like it’s not saving properly for some reason?

    Is there any way you can paste header.php in pastebin and put url here so that can look at the code

    I’ve never done this before, so hope it works!

    <script src=””></script>

    Your code seems to be ok there is no problem there.

    Deactivate all plugins temporarily just to see if one of the plugin is causing the problem and try and see if your custom menu works.

    That still didn’t work 🙁 Could there be a problem with the theme itself? When you click Save on the custom menu, the progress spinner only spins for a couple of seconds, then nothing happens.

    what about when you post does it update normally as if that is working fine then then try and create another custom menu and add pages to it to just test if your save works

    Hi. Posting new things is fine.

    And I already tried deleting the menu and starting a new one – still no luck 🙁

    I appreciate you helping me out with this! 🙂

    what theme are you using looks like your function is not working for some reason.

    It’s the Twenty Ten theme.

    Have you created child theme to make changes as that is recommended.

    No, I’m not sure how to do that. Not sure that’s the problem as everything has been working fine up until now.

    So you have converted core files of twenty ten theme to your liking that is fine but problem will arise when there is a update of twenty ten theme and you update the theme and you loose all your settings and will have to start making changes all over again.

    Mostly the changes we make are in two files functions.php and style.css

    I recommend that you spend some time and create one following this steps

    The time you spend now will be well worth it and than you can make changes you want in your child theme as that will never be updated.

    You still use all templates and everything of twenty ten as a parent.

    If you want me to help you register on my website click on my name and we meet on skype if you use it or I have a chat room in members area.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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