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  • When the width of the display area goes over 960px, and causes the menu to shift to the right of the logo, the right side of the logo area gets cut off. Specifically, the menu1-wrapper DIV overlaps the logo-area DIV slightly.


    The last letter in the word “School” was getting cut-off (hidden) by the left side of the menu.

    I used firebug to add a z-index of 2000 to logo-area, since menu1-wrapper has a z-index of 1000, and that seemed to “fix” it. But when I tried to make the fix permanent by editing layout.css through the Montezuma options page and adding a z-index of 2000 to logo-area, the change didn’t seem to be incorporated in the actual code. That is, I saved my change and refreshed the page, but the new z-index wasn’t showing up in the CSS section.

    I finally went in and made the change to 20-layout.css. I don’t know if that was the right thing to do, but it solved my problem.

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