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    How to easily make a menu without pictures which will look like this (items and price in the same line):

    Pizza A…………………….6$

    Pizza B…………………….7$

    Pizza C…………………….8$

    Turing off pictures does not solve the problem as there is a big gap between times and an item and a price aren’t in the same line.

    I hope you get me 🙂

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  • Plugin Author ollybach


    link please

    Plugin Author ollybach


    don’t use the responsive style but the default style (it’s still somewhat responsive anyway – always depending on theme though).
    the responsive style (which is pretty much the only difference between the two) will move the menu item name above the element with prices / text etc in it.

    the “default” one, will move it inside the same element as the prices with the prices floated right (so name and prices are next to each other rather than one underneath the other)

    It works, thanks.

    After turning off responsive mode, the menu looks messy on my smartphone – prices aren’t next to the items (vertical 5 inch). It looks like the screen is too narrow. The problem doesn’t exist when I turn mu phone into horizontal position.

    Any idea how to fix it?

    Plugin Author ollybach


    that’s because there isn’t enough space for the prices and the item name next to each other (hence the responsive moved the title above the prices)

    so either use responsive again (which will of course go back to the same layout you had in the first place)

    or – if you use the default one – you’ll have to edit the template and move (probably) the whole <h2> block into the prices div (and float that one too I guess)…

    something like that anyway

    Plugin Author ollybach


    or you could of course make the font-sizes smaller so it fits again

    I’m gonna leave it as it is now. Would you consider fixing it (make font responsive) in the next build?

    Thanks for all your help.

    Plugin Author ollybach


    not sure there’s anything i can fix there (but i’ll have a think regardless.)

    problem is you want it all next to each other but also responsive (i.e it line-breaks when the screen is too small)

    i remember spending ages to try and make it work but just couldn’t as there invariably are some descriptions and things too (hence the responsive layout that moves the title to the top out side the flow so to speak)

    I DO know what you mean though and if I can ever figure out something that does both (without adding thousands of div’s etc) I’ll do it

    >Thanks for all your help.

    you’re welcome

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