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  • I like the WP-dTree 3.3.1 plugin very much. But it’s one thing that bothers me. It doesn’t support regular links from the blogroll! I would really like a treeview of my links. I have tried the Enhanced Links-plugin, but it simply doesn’t work graphically with my theme. Any suggestions? Anyone who’d like to modify the plugin, or perhaps create a new one?

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  • How, on earth, did you get the d-tree to work at all? I tried everything — except the right thing, apparently — to get it to work…

    I’d love to know exactly, step by step, what you did to make the tree work…

    I just put it in the plugin-folder and activated it, and used the inbuilt widget. Wasn’t more to it 😉

    I”m not sure if this comment page is still active but I”ll try anyway.

    I”ve used wp-dtree-30 plug-in until now, I”m looking to replace it since its not working in wordpress 2.5.1
    My question is, is there any replacement for this plugin which provides the same functionally?

    basically I want my category’s and archives to be located on the
    homepage sidebar, without taking to much space.
    You can see my current sidebar at:
    which is using the wp-dtree plugin, I need something like this.
    any idea?

    Thank you.

    Really need this too! There’s similar plugins for pages, but not for posts in 2.5.1.

    I have wp-dtree plugin V3.3.2 working with WP 2.5.1.After intial issues i discovered that you must Enable scriptaculous for it work.


    Man, thats great!

    Can you please specify the exact scriptaculous plugin you are using?
    I see there are many out there so it would be nice if you could point me to the right one.

    Thank you for the great discovery!

    Just what was installed with WP 2.5.1.
    And enabled in the WP dTree options.

    The problem is that the plugin wouldn’t activate any more so there isn’t any WP dtree option to got to?


    ive 2.5.1 and after some difficulty i cant remember well, i got it to work, too. But I also want to add it to the blogroll-section too, which is not possible, and both ulfben and the first author don’t seem to be taking requests, although i think that for those who know the script, it shouldn’t be too difficult en expansion…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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