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  • Hello, I am building a website with the Goran theme (a child theme of Edin theme).

    I created a new Menu and set the Display Location = Primary.

    I added some pages to the menu.

    THEN, I updated the menu by changing the order of the pages and adding a few new pages. I also changed the name of one of the pages and changed the permalink.

    After that, I noticed that the menu showed up DIFFERENTLY depending on the selected page.

    The updated menu showed up on pages “Home” and “Contact” BUT the OLD version of the menu showed up on all of the other pages.

    I thought this was a caching issue so cleared the browser cache and even tried a different computer but the problem is still happening.

    THEN, I DELETED the Primary menu entirely. There is no menu on “Home” and “Contact” but the other pages are still showing that OLD version of the menu!

    I don’t know where that old version of the menu is coming from anymore. The menu was DELETED.

    Here’s an example.

    Go to the Home page and you can see that NO menu is on the top right.

    If you click on the Learn More button on the home page, it takes you to Private Yoga, and there you can see the OLD menu that should not be there.

    Where is that old menu coming from? How can I remove it and get the desired menu back in place consistently on all pages?

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  • Also, when I navigate the site within the “Customizer”, the “old” menu does not appear anywhere.

    However, when viewing the website outside of the customizer, it is broken. That “old” phantom menu is still showing up there.

    Perhaps it got hard-coded somewhere and now is stuck there.

    I rebuilt and re-applied the menu. I disabled and re-enabled all of the plugins.

    I am still seeing the issue. The Menu is showing the most updated version on some pages, but on other pages it is showing the OLD version of the menu.

    Could there be some sort of caching issue in the database?

    Why is the menu inconsistent across different pages?

    The pages Home, About and Workshops are all showing the correct (most up-to-date) menu structure.

    The pages Private Yoga, Group Classes and Contact are all showing an OLD version of the menu structure.

    There is only ONE Menu on the site and it is set to the Location = Primary.

    Why is the menu inconsistent across different pages?


    Can you tell me how many menu items have you added in that menu. including sub menu items ?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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