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  • herpsta


    Hi guys, we’re having a menu issue with our website and were wondering if anyone could help.

    Here’s the link (please don’t re-post the actual URL) – – we are using WP v3.3.1.

    You will notice that if you hover over the ‘Collection’ menu item, it displays the 2nd and 3rd level menu items as well when it shouldn’t.

    It was working properly before where, and we haven’t changed anything, then one day it looked like this…

    Any ideas as to how to fix it will be much appreciated!

    Thank you.

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  • WPyogi


    Have you asked the theme vendor for help? Support should be included for commercial themes.



    Hi WPyogi, thanks for the prompt reply.

    As far as I know it is/was a free theme. It was installed by a design company but they are unable to help as they can’t figure out the issue.. Any ideas?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    Which theme are you using?

    Hi there —

    You have some seriously whacky things going on with the CSS here. First, users who do not move their cursor quickly enough can’t keep the menu open. I’d suggest “placing” the menu closer to the original link.

    Second, the design company you hired may have used an in-house theme base or an external theme. Unfortunately, the answer to this doesn’t really matter as you have some issues going on with your menu code here. It’s likely that they used a library of some sort or basic code “plugin” and then this code was later botched. You could try going back to an older version.

    Unfortunately it sounds like you’ll need a professional to get in there to take a look. (2nd unfortunate fact: your company doesn’t sound like professionals if they can’t fix this 🙁

    Feel free to check out [ link removed — this is not the place to advertise for work ] if you’d like some further help.


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    Lara, we don’t really go for that here. The support forums are intended for free support for free products (there are some exceptions here, like if somone is using your pay for product, they obviously need to go talk to you directly). But what you did looks like you’re trying to pick up work on the forums, and generally that’s not acceptable behavior.

    If you want to help people for free on the forums, you’re welcome to do so. But offering your services for hire (and in turn, asking people to work for money) isn’t. You can post on to advertise.

    It’s a thin line sometimes, but I think you get the gist. If not, let me know!

    Mike —

    I completely understand. Feel free to delete my message — I had no idea.

    While it’s possible to dispense lots of advice and direction via a forum setting like this, a lot of WordPress related work requires a much deeper look which my team nor I have the time to do for free unfortunately 🙁 I’m trying to set aside an hour or two each week to dispense as much free help as I can on these forums, and had no idea that direction to a paid service was against the terms of use as I assumed users who were left in the dark would be interested in a solution, paid or not.

    Thank you for the clarification. Would it be appropriate to simply direct users to as I’d be happy to send work to someone else; there’s no need for our company to look for jobs here as we’re fairly booked as it is and I had no intention of solicitation on these forums, only a few helpful posts. Users may really just be as in the dark about this fact as I was.

    Also, would it be appropriate to send users to a paid plugin? Does a problem only arise when you’re in any way associated with the plugin? For example,

    Thank you,

    Pioneer Web Design


    Only bad links are removed when added for support of a forum user.

    Mike — what about the use of an agency name in your username, like in Seacoast’s instance? Just a bit confused. Thanks!

    Pioneer Web Design


    I am allowed by the WP Devs to have a link…I provide free support here – I add the link to my account – they review and allow good ones….this is basic forum etiquette

    Seacoast, I’m aware of basic forum etiquette and have sincerely been trying to do my best, but these issues aren’t entirely clear. Thank you for your time.

    Pioneer Web Design


    So add a link to your site with useful info and they will review and add…it’s just that…assuming it’s not a site chuck full of ads for the mindless…mine has none…

    OK — that should be easy enough. We publish lots about WordPress on our blog for free at There are no ads whatsoever.

    Pioneer Web Design


    Now, just be patient and review that Content matters…

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Mike — what about the use of an agency name in your username, like in Seacoast’s instance? Just a bit confused. Thanks!

    It’s Mika, her name isn’t Mike. I’ve a thing about names and pronunciation. 😀

    I am allowed by the WP Devs to have a link

    I think it’s based on some algorithm in the forum software and not something done be anyone here. Although PBR may be involved somehow…

    Your profile here on the forums contains a field for Display Name and Website. At some point the forum software may make a determination as to converting your name to the left into a link to your web site.

    I’ve referred to it as a Magical Moment™ in the WordPress forums when/if that happens and I myself don’t understand how it works.

    As said above just keep doing what you are doing. If the link gets created, cool. If not just be patient and keep helping out here.

    I am so sorry. My apologies. It’s been a very, very long day and I’ve been working through the weekend. I understand completely. I’m often called Laura. I have no immediate need for the link to be there but I’ve been very confused about these issues w/ referrals to paid services, etc…

    I’ll be much more careful in the future. Thanks again.

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