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  • Hi

    I’m adjusting the menu of a free theme. This mostly does what I want it to do but I do have a problem with the responsive layout. When my desktop screen window is reduces to simulate a mobile, the menu stacks up into three lines. When this happens the title of the menus can be see through the submenu. How can the submenu be made opaque to hide the underlying text? I have tried adjusting the z-index on the menus but with no luck.

    It’s either something else or I’m not adjusting the z-index in the right place.

    Here is the site for reference.

    Hope you can help. Looking forward to a response,


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  • I’m making some more changes!
    I started looking at Twenty Eleven as a theme to modify. There’s a lot of support for this theme. Including plugins and hacks to code. The only down side (as a beginner) was the basic layout.

    The next step has been I then looked at a free Christmas theme called Mistletoe to adjust the images and typography. I got a long way with this from what I’d found out from Twenty Eleven but unfortunately the menus were a problem.

    I’ve now gone back to Twenty Eleven because it handles rows of menus better but used some of the knowledge I’ve gained from Mistletoe to improve the layout.

    I’m posting this update potentially to help novice coders/bloggers.
    Sometimes you just have to find a way around things.

    For any advanced coders who would like a look at this problem and how to solve it in Mistletoe then here is a link to the original theme. If you set it up with about five-six menu titles and drop-downs the problem becomes apparent.


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