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    I’m trying to change the color of individual nav menu tabs and am not having luck.

    I’ve added the CSS classes home-tab and page-item-2 to the appropriate menu items.

    I then added

    ‘.home-tab {background-color: #25a9e0!important;}’
    I also tried it without ‘!important’

    ‘.page-item-2 { background-color: #90278e; }’

    To my custom.css file (I’m using Thesis).

    Nothing changes. Am I missing a step?
    URL is

    Many thanks for your help,

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  • Are you looking to have a different background for all of the navigation pages?

    if so, try adding:

    ul {

    This would make your ‘the journey and you’ background red.

    Hope this works!

    Yes, I’m looking to have each nav tab a different colour. Thanks for the reply, but no change occurred when I tried it.

    Try removing

    background:#FAFAFA; from

    .menu a, .menu .current ul a, .menu .current-cat ul a, .menu .current-menu-item ul a {

    This should work


    This is what worked…

    .custom .menu-item-2743 a { background:#90278e; }

    Thanks everyone!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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