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  • Ok, so…
    I have setup a site that uses XHTML and CSS. I am having the same problem as when I was using tables
    Now that I am using CSS, not tables…
    I am confused as to why the sidebar (menu) is outside of the center (middle) div.
    I use a flexible three column layout. I would like WordPress to be fully contained in the center (middle) column. The actual blog does end up into the center column but the sidebar menu doesnt and covers up the right column.
    Now I am pretty confused as I assumed that the reason this was happening to begin with is because I was using tables to format my site and then including CSS dependant code into it (WordPress). Someone here on the forums said that switching to CSS based formatting should fix the problem.
    The way I am inserting the WordPress index file is by using a PHP include shown below:
    <? include("joeblog/index.php") ?>
    The link to the problem page is
    Thanx in advance for any insight to this issue.

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  • <disclaimer> not a css expert.
    that being said, the WP index.php calls wp-layout.css, as well as including the title of the blog, which i assume is why the ‘my weblog’ is showing up in your middle column. The sidebar looks like the one used by the default wp-layout.css, so it seems like you may be having some conflict between the layout you’re trying to use and the one you’re ‘including’ with index.php.

    I thought that might be whats going on, however I dont know what to change in either CSS to fix it.

    These forums are inundated with well meaning folks who are somehow seised with inspriration by Word Press and plunge straight into the most complex layouts available. It’s always the same bit that really gets me. The bit that goes:
    however I dont know what to change in either CSS to fix it.

    It’s because the sidebar is still being “absolutely positioned” by your CSS. Where do you want the navigation, inside the far right column?

    I made a mock-up of what I understand you are trying to do. It looks good in IE Mozilla & Opera and validates except for one character in your time javascript. I combined your CSS and the default WP CSS in the head. Hopefully this will help get you over the hump. It’s at
    I made lots of comments in the structure so you can see where the divs start and end. Hope that helps.

    ^ Nicest gesture ever.

    The mock-up you provided is P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Thank you! It’s exactly what I have been trying to do.
    I will study the code and learn how you accomplished this. I am very interesting in learning and not just having everyone do it all for me.
    I cannot tell you how much I apprecate you taking the time to help me. 🙂

    As for Mr. Anonymous poster near the top of this thread…
    What gets me is how people that have negative comments to post always hide behind the “anonymous” shield.
    It is when they are not willing to identify themselves that I dont give thier comments any credit.
    However if they were willing to carry on a debate like a civil human being and not remain faceless I’d probably have a different outlook.
    It’s funny to me how those people that are shy in a social setting usually turn into Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh while in front of a keyboard.
    So, Mr Anon – I assume that as soon as you were born you knew everything about everything and never experienced a learning curve. Therefore you have no tolerance for anyone who doesnt know everything. I am sorry that I am not as smart as you. I am sorry that I dont (yet) understand how WP, CSS and other technologies work. However I am making an honest attempt to learn. This includes using all of the resources avalible to me. These forums are a great place to ask questions about and in regard to WP. Previous posts I have made here have rendered a very helpful community of people that dont mind offering a helpful hand.
    Then again there is always a black sheep in the family…
    I too monitor these forums and if I can provide any helpful insight to anyone here I will give back to the community. A lot of people just want all the answers and are not willing to do the work or give back to the community. I am not one of those people. I respect the WP community for providing newbies with help instead of wasting space in a database with a post that only contains flames that do nothing to futher anyone.

    I have never understood this “hiding” business. Is this some US macho BS.? Any fool can “register” in any way he likes. How does that make him different? And how is one person’s speech ever more “valuable” than another? When you graduate let us know. Then we’ll talk. Like adults. Have a nice day.

    Oh, it all makes perfect sence now…
    It’s all our fault cause we live in the United States.
    And I’m the one acting like a child… riiiight.
    A Moderator or Admin should lock this thread. It’s orginal pourpose has been served, now its just become political like everything else. I dont think this fire needs to be fed.
    Mr. Anon – Please accept my apology if I have offended you. It was never my goal.
    Thanx to everyone that helped me with the original issue.

    I just make the point that if any proprietor of a blog does not want anon postings he has a simple option. He can close them down. I still do not understand how an anon person is “hiding” and someone who is “registered” is not. And what difference that makes. And where does a registered person with no URL fit in? And how about some one whose company does not permit them to mention their employment or company on the net fit in? Can they post? Are they welcome? And who are you? Yeah sure it’s easy. Run to the mods and asked for the thread to be closed. You are obviously uncomfortable with dialogue you can’t control.

    I would love to debate this issue with you.
    The WordPress forums are not the place to do it.
    I will note that you do have some vaid points in your last post.
    I am not running, I just like to pick my battles. I do choose to walk away from this one as this is not the place to discuss this topic. We could resume it in an apropriate forum if you’d like.

    Here’s my 2-cents:
    (You *had* to know I’d chime in…)
    For me, the problem isn’t necessarily posting anonymously, rather it’s the content of the posts. A large number of anonymous posts seem to have nothing constructive or helpful to say, but instead dish out negativity without purpose. I’ve seen this time and time again in numerous threads. The pure negativity (and often times personal attacks) can be seen as hiding when posted anonymously.
    Personally, I don’t really give a rats @ss if you post anonymously, or if you let people know who you are…That’s between you and your therapist.

    It all boils down to this;
    If you have something to add (implies construction, you know… plus, not subtraction) then do it. Or as my mother used to say “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Yes, well that is debatable as well.
    So, let’s look at the definition of Support:
    To bear the weight of, especially from below.
    To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.
    To be capable of bearing; withstand: “His flaw’d heart… too weak the conflict to support” (Shakespeare).
    To keep from weakening or failing; strengthen: The letter supported him in his grief.
    To provide for or maintain, by supplying with money or necessities.
    To furnish corroborating evidence for: New facts supported her story.
    To aid the cause, policy, or interests of: supported her in her election campaign.
    To argue in favor of; advocate: supported lower taxes.
    To endure; tolerate: “At supper there was such a conflux of company that I could scarcely support the tumult” (Samuel Johnson).
    To act in a secondary or subordinate role to (a leading performer).
    The act of supporting.
    The state of being supported.
    One that supports.
    Maintenance, as of a family, with the necessities of life.
    My .02 cents: “A good thing to remeber and a better thing to do, is to work with the construction gang and not the wrecking crew”
    ~my personal opinion is that this topic has gone WAY off-topic including my own observations, so let’s go over to Anon’s blog and continue this discussion there! ;-)~

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