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  • Hi,

    On I’m working on a wordpress website. They wanted three columns with posts, which I managed with 3 categories (eg. kol_mid – to place the post in the middle column). This cats are ruled out in the menu left in de sidebar. This menu is folding out with Fold Categorie List.
    Further there are 5 main categories with all subcategories with the same name(algemeen, nieuws and projects).
    When i click on the homepage on a posts to see the post on a single page – always the subcategorie of the maincategorie Economie is active, also when the post is posted in another maincategory.
    Can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong?


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  • I discovered a strange problem in this. I renamed one of the subcategories into an original name. Instead of just project, like in the other categories, I renamed it to mobiliteitsprojecten. WHen i go to the post in this category the menu just stays closed. The item mobiliteit doesn’t open. I lookes like they only open in economie, and if the subcategory is also there.

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