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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to work with Constructor, but I’m having a couple of problems with the (header) menu.

    The first is the wrapper – I cannot seem to make the wrapper outline go away. I have tried “border:0 !important;” but that does nothing. I want the outline of the wrapper and the silvery dots between menu buttons to go away.

    The second is the padding. If I use the default padding (0 8 px), the buttons appear fine (unless I include search and rss in the menu, and then the RSS button gets shifted weird), but if I take away padding, the right edge gets cropped off. Why is this? This is especially true if search and rss are included in the menu. The buttons just don’t line up right. How do I fix this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! My website is

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  • Hi, I’m not sure, but try insert next CSS code to your theme (tab CSS in admin part):

    #menu {
        box-shadow:0 !important;
        -moz-box-shadow:0 !important;
        -webkit-box-shadow:0 !important;
    #menu {
        border:0 !important;
        margin:0 !important;
    #rss a {
        background-position: 0 0 !important;
        background-repeat: no-repeat !important;
        text-indent: 0 !important;

    Hi I Am trying to edit the logo of my web site but not able to do it.Can anyone be of Help??

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