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    The tester is back again. I updated my systmes the past months with all the updates this plugin been through and my bugreport start(s).

    Removing the default Library menu:

    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    As mentioned in another thread, with Enable Media Replace, this happens with other plugins too like Thumbnail Editors and others

    Changing the Menu order (as nr 1)
    issue 1: Wrong Library get visually selected in the submenu in some cases

    issue 2: After deleting an image, the redirect goes to the default Library page but the Library Assistant menu item is selected.

    The idea is correct
    , to get rid of default Lib, my clients get confused and mixes the library pages up. Renaming the Library Assistant is a good way to go but I still would like to get rid of the menu part…

    The only solution so far for me is

    • Set the menu order for MLA to appear as nr 1 and the default Library as nr 2
    • Hide the menu item with CSS:

    li#menu-media > ul > li.wp-first-item + li { display: none; }

    This doesnt solve the redirect problems after deleteing images, but the “You do not have sufficient permissions” problem.

    The redirect might be resolved with a php snippet, but redirects on admin pages is out of my knowledge.

    Does anyone else have a better solution here?

    EDIT: Use the Admin CSS plugin to add the style snippet

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  • Plugin Author David Lingren



    Welcome back – thanks for these reports.

    As you noted, the “sufficient permissions” problem has been reported in an earlier topic:

    replace media error

    I will look into your suggestion to leave the menu item in place and hide it with CSS. Perhaps I can build this into an MLA style sheet.

    With regard to your “issue 1” (menu highlight), I have found one instance of this, and I will do more testing. Can you give me any specific steps to reproduce the problem?

    With regard to “issue 2” (delete image), can you tell me which screen and link you clicked to perform the operation?

    Thanks for your work on these issues and for your help.

    issue 1 “in some cases” – yas its appears in diffrent situations, so Im “watching it” while working with the library actions now a couple of days.

    issue 2 Just go to Lib Ass list view, choose image -Edit link, the edit post attachment page opens, then click delete permantly red link, and then you get redirected to the library list view again – but the default one.

    Note, we are working in clean responsive backend, no modal pops, just wordpress core basic linked pages.

    The menu solutions with CSS suggestion, im testing it on a client this week and I come back if the experiance is “worth it”.

    I will post some other issues later on with a problem occured 2 updates steps ago, but Im on a deadline right now…
    / J

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    I have done some testing and further development and I believe I have addressed the issues you reported:

    • The Media/Library submenu is hidden with a CSS style, but is still available for use by plugins such as Enable Media Replace.
    • The Media/Assistant submenu is automatically moved up to the top of the submenu list when the Media/Library submenu is hidden.
    • Attempts to display the Media/Library submenu, e.g., after deleting an item from the Edit Media screen, are redirected to the Media/Assistant submenu.

    These fixes will be in the next MLA release, and I will mark this topic resolved when that goes live. Thanks again for the work you did to find these issues and for the CSS suggestion.

    Hi, anyone wh reads this
    Some checkpoints: The css snippet
    Just remember that my snippet above only works if

    MLA menu item is nr 1 and the default Library as nr 2

    li#menu-media > ul > li.wp-first-item + li

    The menu li tags has nothing to go on, they are just li with no classes or ids for the default library, so you have to track where it is by the position. li.wp-first-item is actually the second (li.wp-submenu-head) so :first-child wont work.

    but with jQuery

    $('a[href="upload.php"]').parent().css('display', 'none')

    The li will always be accessed without knowing where it is.

    Correct me if Im wrong.

    The solution is to use script onload or filter the menu and add a class name to the DOM.

    Checkpoint, the menu active item issue

    I tracked ONE issue when the wrong menu item is active. If the settings are as above MLA first and Library second, choosing default library will make the MLA menu item (the first) active.

    Before you release any CSS manipulations, I would like to send a screen dump of another handy solution we implemented on MLA. Like Annoying “miss to click exactly in the checkbox when choosing fast a lot of images”, a grid library view with css only, and more. Maybe something could be interesting for you to use.


    Adding new things on top of each other, is at the same point risky to get drowned in the main objectives of a plugin. MLA is an Assistant to make it easier to handle media files. It has become more and more a replacement that our clients cant go without.

    We are very happy that you keep this development active and updated with new thinking and at the same point remain the technical core/ keeping up with WP updates itselfs .

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for the additional information. I will experiment with the jQuery alternative to the CSS approach.

    I have found and fixed your “choosing default library” case; thanks.

    I welcome any further suggestions you have. I believe you have my e-mail address and you can send your “screen dump of another handy solution” there, along with any other material you think relevant. I will consider them for future releases.

    I am glad you appreciate the time and effort I am putting in to the plugin; thank you.

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    I have releases v1.60, which contains the fixes described above for the issues you found and reported.

    When you have a chance to upgrade and test them out, let me know if you have any problems or further questions. Thanks for your patience and for bringing these to my attention.

    Sorry for the silence. Im in the middle of a deadline before upcomming end of the year… I,ve still collecting enhencement and som “logical” suggetsions, but I will send them in a private mail with the screens later.

    Im gonna update 1.60 and take a notice of this menu thing, so topic can be marked.


    Confirming that redirects and You do not have sufficient permissions is solved

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