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    After seeing the media changes in 3.5 I was excited to upgrade several sites and use the new tools. For the most part it’s a great step forward, thanks for all the hard work.

    With that said, it’s confusing that the menu_order is no longer used for images at all and breaks several sites that I’ve built custom gallery functions for.

    Typically I’d allow myself or clients to manage their images through the “insert media” section without having to actually insert the media into the post in a traditional sense. This made a lot of sense for things like full screen backgrounds, slideshows, or other uses of images that aren’t strictly galleries but some level of control is needed.

    A great way to pull those images was doing a custom query using menu_order as the orderby argument. Since the menu order is no longer recorded in 3.5, this isn’t an option and is confusing.

    Please bring this option back. It would be even more useful with the improved drag and drop interface, is backwards compatible, and keeps reams of documentation from becoming incorrect and outdated or forked. I’m not sure there is really a downside, but understand there was probably a compromise made.

    In the mean time, does anyone have a suitable work around for ordering images without inserting them into the post?

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  • Menu order is genereated and saved, but… it isn’t shown in the media area (just to make things more difficult).

    It works the same way as it ever did. Anything that’s uploaded gets an order of ‘0’ until you change it. The way to change the order has changed from the input fields to drag-and-drop. If you drag the images/icons around the order that they are in will be saved as it’s shown on the page. But, you have to move at least one image first before it will save any ordering. It’s a bit more painful then how it was done, but when you know what to do it’s not as bad as it could be.

    Thank you for that. Looks like I may have jumped the gun after looking in the database and seeing all zeros, then reading a couple of bug reports.

    Still playing a bit to see what’s possibly but really appreciate you taking the time.

    That’s all good. I had the same thoughts as you initially, but after I found (accidentally) the drag-and-drop in the media window something twigged and I checked it for myself. It’s something that hasn’t been well publicised as far as I know. I certainly haven’t seen anything that talks about that new “feature” much, although to be fair I haven’t exactly been looking that hard either.


    Why is the menu_order saved as ‘0’ and not in the way the images were uploaded initially? Having to tell your client that he has to move an image back and forth for the order to be saved doesn’t leave a very good impression.



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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