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    I don’t understand what you mean by “Menu Order” for setting “Order by” …

    I order my woocommerce product categories manually (by drag and drop categories in the woocommerce category section), and IKS Menu doesn’t follow this order.
    When you speak about “Menu Order”, do you speak about another woocommerce setting ?

    I use IKS 1.7.6

    Thanks a lot for any advices.
    Best regards

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    Hello, @joy0114!

    Order by “Menu order” is just exactly what you need – Iks Menu will order your categories like you order it within Drag’n’Drop at WooCommerce categories list.

    Did you try to set “Order by” to “Menu order” and “Order” to “ASC”?


    Thanks for your answer.
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work …
    Changing order for categories works well: for principal shop page, the order is the same as configured within the woocommerce categories config setion.
    But IKS Menu doesn’t follow it. Even if I set “Order by” to “Menu order” and “Order” to “ASC”.
    ASC is ok, but not “Menu Order”. Beside, as for me, “Menu Order” is not related with ASC or DESC because this order is manually adjusted. Am I right ?


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    Hello again, @joy0114.

    Can we continue to chat at http://iks-menu.ru?



    I need to alphabetize the pos of products in woocommerce …. how can I do it?

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    Hello, you can sort terms and posts only with the same type for now (try Order setting at Data tab)

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