menu options loading as "pending"/featured images won't upload (2 posts)

  1. stgadam
    Posted 9 months ago #

    I notice last night that no images were loading on my site's homepage except the ones that were image widgets. If I click "set featured image" I can see the image but it will not attach. If I go to the site's Media Library, none of the photos come up.

    Secondly, the main menu wouldn't load. I deleted the menu and then tried to re-create it but every category I tried to add it came up as "pending."

    So far I have:
    - deactivated all plug-ins
    - re-installed the latest edition of wordpress
    - reverted back to wordpress 6.0
    - deleted my current theme, using default 'Twenty Fourteen' now.


  2. reverted back to wordpress 6.0

    WordPress's latest version is 3.9.1, there is no WordPress 6.0. What did you revert back to 6.0, or what version of WordPress did you revert back to?

    Also, if you did revert WordPress, how did you do that? That actually makes a huge difference and could potentially cause irreversible damage.

    Right now, at http://survivingthegoldenage.com/ I see "Error establishing a database connection" which either means that your database is offline, your wp-config.php file is incorrect, or the downgrade damaged the database.


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