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[Resolved] Menu on phone starts with last nav item

  • I am having a problem getting the menu on the phone size to start with the first item on my nav, it starts with the last. site here. I cant figure out why this is, can anyone help?


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  • Hi nnolan,

    First I gotta say, very good job on re-design!

    For the menu, go to Menus and try re-saving them, that should fix the issue. Also see: http://themeid.com/help/


    Thanks Emil, its still a prototype right now.

    I went in and re-saved, didn’t work, then recreated the menu, also didn’t work. 🙁 It is still making the last item first when in phone size 🙁 can you tell me to the correct “key words” to search on the other forum, or a direct url I can’t seem find a forum issuse I am looking for 🙁



    PS awesome theme, thanks for making it!

    Last option hehehe, no just kidding. Delete the menu completely and create it again please. Also see http://themeid.com/help/discussion/5402/menu-on-mobile-device

    🙁 it isnt working, tried deleting 3 times and even deleting and remaking the pages, also making new name for them, still last thing is first on mobile. I think I am going to come back to it monday. I will let you know them if that works. Thanks again for the fast response.



    On Monday, please go over your plugins and deactivate all of them, maybe some of them are in conflict with the tinynav. If so, start deactivating one by one, till we find the “problem child” and keep on going just in case there’s more.

    N.B. Unrelated, but important, please see Child Theme as well.

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend,

    This happens when no Home item is set in a custom navigation menu, because the current_page_item is not defined and the tiny nav order starts for whatever reasons with the last item.

    Btw, amazing theme and great support!!


    PREFECT!!! problem solved!!! I need to have a home. Emil, I deleted all my plugins and it still didn’t start with the first one, but making a home worked.

    Thank you so so much!!! This is my first time using a forum extremely happy and really easy should have done this earlier instead of banging my head against the wall for hours.


    PS: I have another question about nav stacking on tablets when vertical, but I will start a new forum question.

    Great to hear you got the problem solved, Nikki! But I believe Emil will find a workaround for those who don’t want to have a home in the menu 😉

    Awesome if there is a workaround I would love to hear about it!

    I also just opened another topic (here) about the nav but a totally different question about stacking when vertically positioned on a tablet.

    Thanks everyone for being quick and wonderful!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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