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  • HELP!

    I’m using Jenny them and when trying to edit my menu, adding pages, it isn’t responding at all. It’s not allowing me to move any pages to be under parent pages either…

    I have been having non stop problems with my website since starting to set it up a couple of weeks ago, are these likely to do with WP or with my chosen theme??

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  • Most likely is the theme switch to default theme and see if you have the same problem.

    But then won’t I lost all my settings?

    …and I’ve already built everything, desgin, colours etc so that it fits the Jenny theme…does this mean I will in practice have to re do my whole site?!

    …and where do I now find the default theme? It doesn’t seem to appear…

    What about all my countless other problems with WP I’ve been having?

    Not been able to insert images to pages not html, in my Appearance-Heading, the ‘Display text’ is not responding to ‘no’, but keeps going back to ‘yes’.
    I cannot access any of my page contents when using mozilla firefox browser but only Chrome…

    Any ideas?? Thanks



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    won’t I lost all my settings?

    No. All of your theme settings are saved in the database and will be quite safe.

    here do I now find the default theme?

    In Appearance -> Themes. It’s called Twenty Eleven.

    All the problems you mentioned above looks like is theme related problems

    I am having an issue with the site where the menu bar appears but is blank in IE but works fine is chrome.

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    If you create your own thread, you’re more likely to receive help.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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