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Menu Missing in Mobile

  • fiddlersgrove.com

    Looks/works fine on my PC laptop. Beautiful theme – love it.

    But when I view the site on my iPhone, there’s no menu. Just a black bar where the menu should be, below the header.

    Another site I have in development has the menu at the very top. On the iPhone it shows as a black bar with an icon with 3-s, and when you click on the icon, the menu comes in vertically. nhfirst.com/SVCC2014

    But on the 1st site I mentioned, there’s not even a menu icon. Not at the top, bottom, anywhere.

    Help? And thank you.

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  • Just a short comment, at first glance.
    Your 2nd site behaves normally on all resolutions (those 3 bars are normal on lower resolutions).
    I don’t have iPhone, but pretty good place for testing resolutions & devices is http://quirktools.com/screenfly/
    There you can see that your 1st site’s menu is “cut-off” on all resolutions below 1280X800 px.
    Made any CSS modifications on 1st site?
    Theme is pretty complex, needs careful adaption of all elements for various resolutions (with child theme).
    Short advice – if you made both sites – try raising menu to top (like second site), see how it behaves, and compare how you made menu on 2nd site and 1st one.
    Hope this helps little bit…


    You have this value in your child themes style.css, which breaks it:

    #header { width: 1200px; }

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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