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  • Really like the theme.

    Problem 1: I and it seems all others using Customizr that I’ve tried so far are having a problem in IE9. The menu links are not clickable. Click or double click on any menu link to change pages and nothing happens. Or randomly it may jump to some page other than the clicked page. Now … if you right click the link and choose “go to” from the options, it cheerfully goes there.
    Problem 2: The circles in the theme design are squares in mine and the Pizza site at least. I have installed the “IE CSS3” plug in that was suggested to no result.
    My site:
    Other Customizr sites I checked so far:

    Is this me seeing this, I’m wondering. Is there a fix at least for the menu problem as that cripples theme? Thanks,so much I really want to stick with Customizr! Yet we need working menus as a basic.

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  • Hmm, guess I messed up the link listings. Can you tell I’m a newbie to the forums? Sorry, here’s the link I intended to post:

    The site I’m trying to build:
    The other Customizr sites I checked:


    You can’t click through the parent level links, by design (otherwise a mobile user would never be able to click to drop down the menu).

    See workarounds in the FAQ.

    Thanks for the reply ElectricFeet … however if you are able to try in IE9, I’m also not able to click on any level, including the site map on the sidebar and go to the desired page. In other words the only way to go to a desired page is to right click > choose the “open” option. And unless this is a problem with only my install of IE9, other Customizr users are facing the same usability issue.


    Working in IE10. Can I just check exactly what you mean, as sometimes a misunderstanding when clicking top-level of 2-level menu. That link is designed not to link:


    Only the News1/New2 links will work.

    @ef beat me to it! Does work in IE10 but little consolation…

    @rdellconsulting: 🙂

    @bill Peterson: If the non-menu links aren’t working either then I would suspect a plugin. Deactivate them all to see if you still have the problem. If that fixes it, then reactivate them one by one to find the culprit.

    Ok … tested that to no avail 🙁 Also it occurred to me that if was having a plugin problem then the other two sites I’ve been looking at that I have nothing to do with would also have to be having the same plugin problem if that were it. and

    Thanks … BP

    Yikes … standby! May be my installation of IE9, I’m testing it now. Initially … I’m seeing some intermittent symptoms on other sites. I’ll post back as soon as I know for sure. Don’t want to waste anymore of the kind brain power here.


    Works ok on IE8 but its smushing ttles a bit. BTW what method did you use to list the selected Titles page? Are those posts entries?

    Thanks Cam OCE for the IE8 confirmation. I’m still stymied on checking out the problem in IE9, on my system. After attempting an uninstall/reinstall on IE9 to make sure it’s a good version, I’ve apparently inspired system problems with Windows updates that I’m still wrestling with and IE9 is behaving as before. So if anyone has IE9 installed I’d appreciate a check on and or the other Customizr sites above.

    On your question about selected Titles page, I’m sorry to say I’m not following. And may well not be a good source, yet, for answers. While I’ve built a number of paid sites over the years the old way, (they were all a while back), this is my first foray into the CMS approach of WordPress so I’m a green newbie here and not functionally conversant with the lingo yet. If I understood the question I’d be more than happy to answer 🙂
    Thanks for helping,

    If someone is interested :
    you must modify \wp-content\themes\customizr\parts\class-header-menu.php
    I’ve let the menu for IE 9 with that :

    <?php if (strstr($_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"], "MSIE 9.")){//IF IE 9
         wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'main' , 'menu_class' => 'nav' , 'fallback_cb' => array( $this , 'tc_link_to_menu_editor' ), 'walker' => tc__ ( 'header' , 'nav_walker' )) ); // write the menu
    //else write the short button
    <button type="button" class="btn btn-navbar" data-toggle="collapse" data-target=".nav-collapse">
     <span class="icon-bar"></span>
     <span class="icon-bar"></span>
     <span class="icon-bar"></span>
    <?php } ?>
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