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  • Ok, so I am using the built in menu system for wordpress. All but one of my menu items is a standard page. The standard page items all are in the active state when I am on those pages. The other one I have set to a specific tag archive. When I am on that page, then menu item does not go into an active state. I have tried both the tag option and the custom link option and neither work in an active state. It seems as though you only get the active state in the menu if it is a standard page. When looking at the source, a “current” class is assigned to all kinds of menu items, but it isn’t working for some reason. For instance… an active state menu item for a standard page shows a class of current-page-item. and a class of current-tag-item for a menu item for a tag archive and similar for custom links.

    Anyone know how to resolve this? I have searched all over this forum and in similar threads there is never a solution that works.

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  • I have done lots of searching on this topic and I can’t seem to find a solution. It also appears that a lot of people are noticing this bug.

    Any ideas?

    Bump on this.

    I am seeing this too.

    If you can see an HTML class and no style associated, your problem is probably a CSS issue. On my site, I see a class of “current-page-item” assigned to the selected page, so I will use a rule like this:

    #nav .current-page-item{ background: red; }


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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