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  • On the front page menu items, my first couple were listed as pages on the dashboard menu page. When clicked on, these show a list of post summaries and tags which have been categorized on that subject title. If you put a category in that initial menu, you get full posts on that subject. I liked the list of summaries. But when I started to create blank title pages and put them in the menu, they did not automatically show me any list of anything. There must be a conversion from categories to pages thing I’m missing? How do you get menu items, when clicked on, to show up as the list of abbreviated posts on the subject.
    Shalagh ( Shay-la) of Shalavee

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  • Are you using a Custom Menu? That’s generally how you can control what shows up in the menu.

    Seems the pages where the lists exists are permalinked to the posts with that category. I am not sure how that works. Custom menu was first created by a friend. And she did something for those permalinks to continue to link. So when I added categories and then tried adding them as pages, no permalinks.

    Looks like that’s a commercial theme and possibly customized from there, so it’s pretty impossible for us to know how it was set up… Have you asked your friend (or Elegant Themes)?

    You were absolutely right, There was a special section to the right of the menu creating area. And you had to check a blog format. That enabled a menu below to choose from which category the feed on the page would show. And then I changed the categories to pages on the menu and it all worked. Thanks for your help dear volunteer moderator.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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