• Please name the menu item appropriately. ‘Insights’ has really nothing to do with a plugin that is designed for ‘Google Analytics UA integration’. Also, we use a plugin called ‘Insights’ already (on 100s of our client websites) and having 2 plugins with the same exact name is confusing.

    Please consider renaming the menu item. Thank You!


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  • Plugin Author chriscct7


    Hi there,
    Our plugin is called “MonsterInsights”, and it describes what we’re going to be offering. We’re moving to offering support for the full Google Analytics suite. For example we’re looking at adding support* for things like Google Analytics eCommerce365, Google Analytics Adometry, Google Analytics Tag Manager, and Google Analytics 360 support among much other enhanced GA features. These tools collectively offer insights about visitors to a person’s website, thus where the name in question comes from. We can definitely offer a filter on the menu item though in case someone wants to change it out.

    Out of curiosity, which plugin do you use that has that menu item? I’d like to reach out to them to see if we can’t work out something to make this more clear for users of both plugins automatically (for example, maybe if both are active, the MonsterInsights menu item could say “MonsterInsights”).

    * This should not be construed to suggest we’re going to add any or all of these features (for those reading this ticket at a later time). We’re investigating these and others, and will make decisions on inclusion based on the expressed needs of our userbase.

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