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Menu in Chrome

  • I notice a difference in the menu layout on my site between Firefox/IE and Chrome. In Chrome the menu bumps into 2 rows quite unnecessarily (the rightmost item drops into a lower row). It seems to limit the width of the menu bar.
    I’ve looked at the Header options etc but see nothing relevant.
    The site is knucklas.org.uk.
    Not a big bug, but seems odd.

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Avoid using minus margins in CSS.

    Thanks for that.
    I looked in css.php and changed negatives in “Drop positions” with no effect.
    Style.css doesn’t seem to have anything negative.
    Can you be more specific please?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    This CSS is not within a stylesheet, but internally within pages.

    ul.rMenu-hor li {
     margin-bottom: -1px;
     margin-top: -1px;
     margin-left: -1px;

    It could be implemented through a Custom-Styles-type plugin.

    Thanks – this is all a bit beyond me.
    Chrome users will just have to put up with it!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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