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  • Hey.
    Can i change the menue-icon? Or where can i find the code?
    Thanks for the theme btw.
    Greets, Maik

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  • Theme Author Manoz69


    Hi rauschke,

    Actually, the menu icon is pure css. It contains one <div> (the middle bar) with :before and :after to generate the other bars.

    All the stuff about this icon is in /css/main.css line 240.
    The icon animation is triggered with jQuery: $('.menu-icn-wrap').on('click', function() on /js/scripts.js and the animation is pure css too transform: rotate(45deg);.

    That’s why I think you can’t change the icon. You can modify the code if you want but you’ll loose your modifications if I update the theme.

    Should I add an option to choose the menu icon inside the Theme Settings?

    I would like to see this option in the future. I think non-smartphone/older generations may not recognize the menu symbol and may ignore it.

    Theme Author Manoz69


    True but actually, non-smartphone/older generations can’t properly view this theme. There is too many css properties that older devices can’t read.
    This theme support IE8. I’m pretty sure it’s enough :p

    I’ll think about an option in the futur. If you have ideas about the icons, feel free ton contact me 🙂

    If not an option to design and set our own icons, then maybe something that looks clickable. Just an example.

    Alternative Non-Active
    All 3

    Something more than just a solid, single color so if someone chooses to remove the top gradient and has a solid color background, the button won’t be lost.

    An example from the previous help thread creator’s site.

    The menu button is invisible due to her removal of the top gradient and solid white background.

    Theme Author Manoz69


    Oh yes, you’re right. I never tested the theme with a white image and it’s a mistake 🙂

    I removed the top gradient in the previous update.
    I’ll work as soon as possible on the icon. I send a theme update tomorrow to the WP Repositories.

    I think a white header isn’t too much of an issue since you can just change the color under .menu-icn. But I could see it may be an issue for those with different header images each page like in the previous link.

    I should also clarify that my previous comment regarding older generations meant older people. Nowadays older people have modern devices (phones/computers) but since aren’t as tech-savvy, may not recognize common symbols.

    Appreciate your support. Really liking the theme.

    Theme Author Manoz69


    Here is the “probably” new default menu icon and default colors:

    I removed the Theme Option page. I think using the default WordPress Customizer is a better idea.

    I agree with your comment about the icon but I think it would be too complicated to implement.
    It should allow the user to choose an image for the default icon and an image when the icon is active. That would mean that the user should also be careful about the color of the image based on the background.

    This would be too complicated and I do not think it’s very “ergonomic”.
    What can I do instead is to create my own .png images and give the possibility to choose the icon.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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