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[resolved] menu hover over Home Page problem (3 posts)

  1. Rob Pine
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have a problem with twentyten (1.5) When I hover over the Home Page menu item I get an unnecessary (and unwanted) pop up appear which says 'Home'. See here:-


    Can anyone tell me where to go and what to edit to get rid of this little annoyance?

    I am learning css slowly! I am guessing that the problem lies in the twentyten style.css ?

  2. W.P. Ginfo
    Posted 3 years ago #

    1. Dasboard > Appearance > Menus
    2. Click the homepage - menu-item
    3. Check if the Home menu-item, has a 'title' called 'Home'
    4. remove that 'title', and check the result
  3. Rob Pine
    Posted 3 years ago #

    W.P. Ginfo - Top Man - You were spot on! Thanks!! Issue resolved!!!

    I have (last 4 w/sites) created a 'Custom Menu' (for a mobile version of the site) but I had not dug down into 'Navigation Label', or 'Navigation Attributes' in > Menus...

    I saw that the Attribute field was showing a blank - so - not knowing what this field was for - I set an attribute as 'attribute'. When I looked at my site I saw that the spurious hover over behaviour 'Home' had changed to 'Attribute', so then I went back to delete this, and the site was fine - goodbye to the unwanted hover over 'Home'.

    What I cannot fathom - and probably never will - is - as a seasoned WP + twenty ten template user, is why - for the first time ever - I have seen this spurious hover over behaviour? Is this a bug in twentyten 1.5? Strange indeed. (But another lesson learned)!resolved).

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