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  • I have a menu which reads:

    Occupy Medford
    —-Financial Committee

    When I try to place menu items in a 4th tier such as Bylaws in the above example, the menu items are not visible from the navigation menu…the menu only shows up to tier 3 (grandchild). I need to be able to see this 4th tier. I have searched throughout the forums and the web and can’t seem to find information on this. Please help!



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  • Does the set of nested ul lists look correct when you look at the source? If so the problem is in the CSS. Nesting menus that deep isn’t good design and probably isn’t supported by your theme. Heavily nested menus are terrible on mobile devices as well.

    Thank you for the response. As it turns out I don’t do any programming for the site, the GUI is about the extent of my knowledge at this time. Is there a way to enable this within the GUI so I don’t have to learn PHP or CSS until it comes up in my courses for Computer Science? Also, our site gets very little mobile traffic according to our stats so for the time being I’m willing to make that sacrifice in the name of standard computer web browsing efficiency. (A large portion of the traffic is from a 30-60 demographic). Anything else you can add to your suggestions?

    Thanks a ton!


    I just set up a 4 level menu using the default menu and both the Twenty Eleven and Toolbox themes. What theme are you using.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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