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[Resolved] Menu Flyouts Display Behind Main Area Content

  • While troubleshooting a plug-in conflict I disabled Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu and was using the built in menus on the left side of the screen but still had Admin Menus Fixed activated. In this configuration all of the flyout menus that area when you hover over an option in the left hand admin menu all display behind any of the content in the main window.

    For testing I disabled all plug-ins except this one and I still had the same behavior. WordPress version was 3.5.1.


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    Unable to reproduce this here. Whether in Network Admin or a sub-blog Admin, the flyouts display properly. The only thing that would have any bearing on this is z-index and I’m only using it on old WP versions on #wphead. It is still a holdover in my recent css files but only in the two that deal with the Toolbar not being displayed. If all other plugins are deactivated, how are you triggering the use of the “No Toolbar” CSS? Please check with Web Developer of similar to see what CSS file is being invoked.

    Checking core further, are you doing anything that would use Press This, or trigger colors-classic or colors-fresh to customize your login and admin? There may be a cached CSS file that is causing the conflict; even when the plugin has been deactivated.

    I just tried every combination imaginable between AG Custom Admin, Ozh Dropdown, Admin Menus Fixed and standard admin menus and the flyouts work as expected every time. Not sure what else to do.

    After reading your response I think it must be a conflict/result of the theme I am running. I am using the Weaver II theme (http://weavertheme.com/).

    I am using the Pro (premium) version but as I understand it the core is the same, just added features.

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    Just got it, installed and it doesn’t reproduce the problem in either the Network Admin or sub-blog Admin in a WP install that I have to test against Release Candidates, so there are only 6 plugins, total. It’s updated to the current release when it goes live. Don’t have any of Weaver II’s plugins installed, though, so they may cause something. Are you running any of those?

    Is your Toolbar being displayed?

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    Found it. Got thinking about what else may be in the mix and arrived at browsers. You’re both using Chrome, yes? Fixed in the 1.2.2 version. Oddly, IE did it correctly. Who would’ve figured that?

    Yes I use Chrome, sorry I forgot to add that detail and I didn’t even think to test with another browser. I’ll watch for 1.2.2 to post and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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