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  • The site in question is

    I found a weird bug, the orange (#CB5920) background color for the submenu/dropdown menu is not showing on mobile (it is on desktop).

    I’ve made plenty of websites with this theme and never noticed it, probably because of the color combination, had to change the submenu font color to black from the default white, so it shows up.

    This should be fairly easy to replicate, all i changed concerning the menu is the menu background color to white.
    For a future version of the theme, would it be possible to have a logo on the left, menu on the right option ? (same for Tempera), would have been perfect for this website.

    And (site-wide) header images look terrible on mobile, with or without responsiveness turned on, don’t know how or if than can be fixed, i had to use a custom logo and a widget instead on this site.

    Which brings up another problem with the theme, if you already used a header and then chose “Custom Logo” in the ‘Site header’ option, the header still shows and so does the logo, this might not be apparent if you are not using transparent versions of both.
    This can be easily fixed by removing the header image, but it’s still an issue that needs to be fixed.

    Tried to change the logo max width to 100% from 90% on mobile, since it looks better that way, using this in the custom css field:
    a#logo img {max-width: 100%;}
    But it gets overwritten/not applied, because the change needs to be done in style-mobile.css, any chance of having a “custom mobile css” field in the future ?

    PS, have i mentioned Tempera and Nirvana are my favorite themes right now ?

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  • Hi Joe,

    Did you find a solution to the problem with background color on the dropdown menu in the smartphone version?

    I have the same problem!

    Kind regards

    Hi Bibber,

    Well the solution back then was to use a text color that would contrast with the background and that made it perfectly usable but still missing the orange color.

    Anyway checking it now it’s working again, can’t explain it. I don’t remember if there was an update or not.

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