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  • My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (I’ve looked and can’t seem to find it, but may have missed something)…
    I’m having a problem viewing the menu of my site with IE (I have 6.0… not sure if this is a problem with other versions). The content floats slightly below the boxes, though if you move the cursor over each line they fall into place (except for the ‘search’ box). Everything is fine with Firefox, my default browser.
    Now I do know that IE sucks donkey balls (this seems to have been the response to some other IE questions!), but alas this being the browser used by many, many misguided people I would like to get this problem straightened out.
    I’m only a week into WordPress, messing around with .css etc, but thought I had a handle on things until now. Ho hum. Help very much appreciated.
    My site:
    My wp-layout.css:

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  • That is an Alex King Style Competition entry right ?

    Oh yup. Think it’s beyond repair 😉

    Ha! Yes it is… I know I’m missing an in-joke somewhere here, but please tell me it’s fixable!

    Best contact Alex King or the style sheet designer. I can’t figure it out. Its too fancy for me.

    Well I would not want to call it a lack of knowledge.exactly 🙂

    Does this mean there’s no hope (aside from seeking out the designer)? Would it help to try to get rid of the weird highlight thingy (I’m not being very articulate am I? I mean the fact that each menu link is highlighted when you place the cursor over it…)? There must be some brave souls out there with suggestions!

    Well I do not want to be divisive in any way but if people want to offer borked layouts to new WordPress users they might want to lend a hand picking up the pieces. My advice – bluntly – would be to fit a template that is more robust in terms of its layout and cross browser performance and then to add back the styling details you like.

    But it’s so pretty! Aside from the buginess, that is. In all seriousness, thanks for your thoughts. For new folks like me it’s hard to tell what’s borked and what isn’t. It sounds like I may have my work cut out for me here, but if anyone can offer suggestions for a fix without switching styles I’m all ears…

    I’d reccomend having a look at the code and trying to build it from the gournd up using cleaner CSS – this could be tricky though!

    And as a starter for ten points you might want to look into why the content has a margin right of 200px but allowing for the correct implementation of the box model the max width for the menu is 227 px. Not that I know.

    Hmmm… I’ll try to play around with these numbers (while having absolutely no idea what on earth I’m doing).

    I have been thinking that what someone who has way too much time on their hands should do, is take a more stable index.php like the one from Gemini that Root created and find a way to build similar styles like the ones from the Alex King Style Sheet competition, so they won’t be borked to heck and back. Then that way poor newbies, won’t have to be forced to live with those huge pieces of (insert favorite adjective here).

    Assuming I do have to implement another layout, can anyone suggest something nice and stable that looks reasonably like what I have? I still have hopes to salvage this one (<— cry for help), but if I have to ditch it for something else can anyone suggest something similar to what I have now? Without the bugs, that is…

    yeah that would be a brilliant idea 🙂
    the only problem is finding someone willing to do it!
    Perhaps someone could do the index.php and we all adopt one style to clean up? Or maybe we could base them all on Root’s excellent Gemini or Trident?

    Well this takes us into a different design issue. Internet Explorer does not implement the max-width rule set out in the CSS specification. For set ups which occupy the full screen width that can lead to unmanageably long line lengths, and very poor readability. This is purely a matter of personal opinion. Many people like them. Fine. But a lot of *leading designers* are now returning to fixed width. I am not advocating it. There is a case for going the other way. But this might be the time to think about the whole thing from the ground up. Just my 2c. You might want to stick with it for day or two and have a good look round. But thinking of something *like you have* is not easy.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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