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  • Hi guys,

    I’ve been using Twenty Thirteen on my blog for some time, but recently realised that the ‘Menu’ button doesn’t seem to be working. When the browser width reaches below a certain width, the theme collapses the menu bar into a single ‘Menu’ button, which upon clicking should display all the items below.

    However, the collapsible ‘Menu’ button doesn’t seem to be working on my website now. Nothing happens when I click it. I do run a copy of Twenty Thirteen and it seems to work fine.

    Does anybody have any idea what has happened? Could it be due to caching plugins or other plugins that may affect the ‘Menu’ button?



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    Try deactivating all plugins to explore whether any could be responsible. All it takes is a JavaScript error to stop the menu from working.

    Hi aaronng91,

    I am having a similiar issue. I went through and deactivated all plugins with no success – still had the issue – the Menu button (which condenses all menu options on mobile devices) did not work.

    After doing some messing around, I find that the menu button does not work on the blogs HOME page, that is, the URL specified when the header image is clicked. If I navigate directly to a different page (i.e. About) using its URL, then the menu works fine to go to the other pages. But anytime I go back to the “Home” URL, the menu button goes defunct.

    Is it the same on your site?



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    @andrew Thanks! I’ve found the problem. It was W3 Total Cache plugin that was causing the issue. Seems like I have to look for an alternative plugin now.

    @mcheich Do you have any caching plugin activated? You might want to deactivate it if you have any to test it.

    I do have it activated – I had tried with it off with no luck though. I will have to try again. Thanks for the update.

    Ha I had the same problem, but I had added
    post_max_size = 4000M
    to a php.ini file in the wp-admin. Adding that caused the same exact issue ya’ll mentioned with the add to menu button doing nothing. SO I removed it and everything works ok again!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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