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  • Wouldn’t let me post in Design/Templates Forum so I threw it here…
    I downloaded this from Stuart’s site and it is running on an untouched copy of Root’s Gemini index.php. I almost killed my site trying to test 1.3 alpha (yes I know that was a really dumb idea) and now it hates me. But if anyone can tell me why the menu is borking, I will love you forever!

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The page validates, but is there a <div> problem somewhere ?

    When did you download from Stuart’s site? Yesterday he was fixing a lot of themes – see the comments!

    I downloaded today, Moshu, and I saw your comments concerning the issues he was having.

    In this case I’d suggest to ask him what was causing the problem and how did he fix it. Seeing from here your site shows exactly the symptoms I was mentioning yesterday.

    I think we need to say that 1.3 itself is changing almost daily. In an effort to get on top of it some template designers are testing both the theme manager in WP and their own templates. A lot of things are being upgraded and changed on the hoof by a lot of folk myself included. It was only a day or two ago we began to use the theme manager. Any way – without early adopters we could nt test so thanks for your input. I have had a look goodsnake but it is not immediately obvious what the problem is. I would reduce #nav and go from there ?

    i am using firefox 0.9 and the right bar is underneath the blog.

    Root, actually I am back on 1.2 on my blog and the downloaded CSS was for a 1.2 template. I figured 1.3 alpha was too dangerous for my main blog after almost losing access to the whole thing, I do have the 1.3 alpha running on a test install. I have reduced the #menu, # nav, etc trying to see what is making the menu bork. I will have to look at it when I get up in the morning, but I appreciate anyone who can take a look and let me know what I am missing. Thanks!

    HI there,
    what I’ve seen of you css and html i would do what I will tell you
    The sidebar (nav) is a child of any main div (maybe “main”) container for the hole layout.
    put in the css rule of
    #main {

    position: relative; <– this you have to put in

    and finally set the hole bar to a unique position. Because the layout is liquid i would say to the damn sidebar.
    “Move you ass on the right sight and stay x pixel away from the top”
    CSS rule for the div container of the hole sidebar (I guess “nav”)
    #nav {
    position: absolute;
    top: 80px;
    right: 5px;
    top: the pixels from the top of the _parent container_ of the sidebar
    right: How many pixel starting from the right you want the sidebar to appear.
    that should fix it.
    More information about “position: absolute” you find with google

    You might also want to try removing the margin for #content and adding float: left to it.

    Here is the answer, if you download the Gemini on Root’s site on the Gemini page (I did this yesterday) you have to add a close division right before the menu and then take one out before the clearer. I had done each of those alone but not together until Stuart helped me out. Once you do this any of’s templates will work, and he has a mighty fine set!

    Ah, @root, glad to see you found my good buddy, David B. He was originally using pMachine until I steered him toward WP. Now he’s happy as a clam!

    goodsnake are you saying there is a coding error in Gemini somewhere? If so thanks for pointing it out but are you sure ? Stu has never mentioned it .

    Incidentally goodsnake by the look of it the menu bg is in the wrong div so it is *shudder* OMG cutting off the footer Here is the originalMaximus Perfect footer 🙂

    GASP! An error…in something root has done? Never…we all know that hes a perfect being.

    oops…forgot this– 🙂

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