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  • I am very new to managing my WP site myself….so I apologize up front for any stupid questions or not knowing what to search in the forums! I have seen a lot of tutorials so know I tried to figure it out myself first.

    I think the two questions I have are linked together…but maybe not.

    First…someone else manges my website.. I like the way the home page is set up and would like to do the same on my new site.

    My GRShort Sale site has a blog front page and the first post always stays there…new posts go below it. I was going to look and see how that was set up but when I went to pages, there was no home page listed.

    My new site I know how to get to the home page information I put on….by going to the widget and choosing the block/widget where I want to put the text. When I went and looked to find my home page iN GRShortSales….I can’t find the home page info.

    Which actually brings me to how this whole questions started….in my new site WMHP there is no home showing in the menu bar now that I created my own menu bar. I have pages there that I don’t want in the menu…so I created new menu bar in Appearance>Nenu>Add new…but can’t figure out how to make a tab for home.

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  • Make sure you have a homepage ready.
    To create a menu go to Dashboard> Appearance > Menu
    – click the + tab and give the name for the menu e.g. ‘mainMenu’ click ‘create menu’.
    – activate this menu on the left: Theme Locations > pulldown menu choose ‘mainMenu’
    – scroll down to ‘pages’
    – click ‘view all’-tab your homepage should be in this list
    – click the pages you want to appear in the navigation bar
    – to create sub-menu items drag the sub menu item slightly to the right and drop
    Save menu

    Did everything you said…..home tab still not showing.

    One thing I notice is on the left on the menus page, where you can reorder the tabs, “About” says page, “Search” says page but home says custom.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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